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PRINCIPLES OF LIFE of the material, and especially to Horace E. Weaver, who served as senior member of the committee; to H. T. Terry, whose untiring services were appreciated; to D. W. Curry, who was able to work with the committee but one short month; and to Robert Francis, to whom the committee is especially grateful for his suggestions of many of the illustrations. Special obligation is recognized for the long and untiring hours of John M. Howell, who guided the activities of the committee, and who, besides carrying other heavy duties, edited the book in its present form, comparing, correcting, and guiding in the preparation of the manuscript. Since this is the first book on the doctrines of this denomination to be prepared under the auspices of the General Conference, a surveying committee, whose duty it has been to see that the work represents accurately the teachings of this denomination, was appointed. It consisted of A. V. Olson, chairman; Roger Altman, associate chairman; E. E. Roenfelt, secretary, H. F. Brown; D. A. Delafield; E. W. Dunbar; E. B. Hare; T. E. Lucas; D. E. Rebok; D. E. Robinson; G. E. Vandeman, and H. F. Yost. This committee has read carefully the lessons. Credit must also be given for the special statements of fundamental belief which precede the several units. These were taken from the Church Manual, published by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, pages 29 to 36. Certain conjunctions were eliminated to make the paragraphs more adequate for the places in which they were used.

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